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Top Ten Tips

1. Backpack

Internal & External
Capacity - 3,000 - 7,000 cu. inches
Weight - 4-8 lbs empty
Packing Your Pack
No more than 1/4 - 1/3 your weight
A pack cover or poncho is important or else pack "stuff" in garbage bags

2. Tent or Tarp w/rope

2 person tent - weight - 5-8 lbs or 3 - 4 lbs/person. You can separate tent, poles, and rain fly

3. Sleeping Bags

Fill - synthetic (examples, holofil, polarguard) vs. natural (cotton, down).
Style - mummy, rectangular, etc Temperature Rating
Weight (should not be more than 5 lbs)
Compression Sack

4. Sleeping Pad - Important for comfort and warmth

Foam (7 ½ ounces)
Self-inflating (about 1 lb. 9 oz.)

5. Medical/Safety Kit

First Aid Kit, Foot Care Kit, Toilet Paper & Trowel, Whistle, Compass, Pocket Knife, Waterproof/Windproof Matches, Hand Mirror, Tweezers, Safety Pin, Dental Floss, Duct Tape, Rope, Personal Identification.

6. Water Bottles & Purification System

Iodine Tablets vs. Pump System (consider weight, convenience, and volume of water treated)

7. Stove & Fuel (more important when cold weather camping)

Liquid vs. Gaseous Fuel Stoves
Weight (10 - 16 ozs.)

8. Weather-appropriate cloths and footwear (consider temperature, climate, and rain)

Hiking Boots
Wool/Wool Blend Socks
Layer clothing
Avoid cotton (go for synthetics)
Rain Gear
Warm/Cold Gear
Pack Cover

9. Food, Mess Kit, and Cutlery

Prepackaged vs. Grocery Store
Zip Lock Bags
Repackage Food before you leave to eliminate weight and garbage
Separate meals into different stuff sacks

10. Flashlight/headlight

Spare bulb
Check batteries before departure
Pack batteries separate

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